At Divergys, one word comes to mind: organized!

Divergys has taken a tremendous load off our shoulders, allowing us to focus on what truly matters - selling. Their commitment to keeping us updated on systems and equipment has paid off in ways we couldn't have imagined. Before partnering with Divergys, we were struggling to manage our IT needs independently, constantly applying Band-Aid solutions. Divergys has been an absolute blessing, ensuring our day-to-day operations run smoothly without any hiccups. If you're looking to boost efficiency in your business and want the peace of mind that comes with expert IT support, Divergys is undoubtedly the way to go.

George Phillips CEO
PMI Sales & Marketing, Inc.

A significant improvement in level of service and responsiveness.

We recently moved our IT consulting relationship to Divergys after 11 years with our previous provider.  Changing any long term relationship creates a level of anxiety, and that’s never more true than when it’s your IT provider.  It was apparent from the outset there was no cause for concern.  The transition, which included an email migration, was nearly seamless and in less than 60 days we were fully onboarded, our servers and workstations were properly secured, and we have begun making improvements to our systems, processes and protocols based on Divergys’ recommendations.  Our staff of 60 plus employees have experienced significant improvement in the level of service and responsiveness.  We look forward to having a partner in Divergys helping us strategically design and implement our technology plan for today and for the long term!

Samantha Hutchison Samantha Hutchison CFO

We are glad to have them on our team.

Divergys takes time to meet and talk with us about our needs so they can understand our business in order to provide solutions to business challenges.  Their team is very responsive to our support requests and keep us productive.

During a recent tax season we experienced some serious challenges with our software. Following that Divergys researched and worked with us to find a new solution so we will be problem free during the next tax season.

We are glad to have them on our team.

Edie Broussard CPA
DeBenon Broussard LP

Divergys is the reason we never worry about technical issues!

As always, the folks at Divergys like Eduardo, enable us to better focus on our clients and business by turning our technology issues into non-issues.

Chuck DeBenon CPA/PFS
DeBenon Broussard LP

I can't say enough about the outstanding customer service provided by Divergys.

Every issue our team encounters is swiftly addressed within minutes of submitting a ticket, and the Divergys staff handles them with the utmost professionalism and timeliness.

What sets Divergys apart is their ability to communicate with our non-IT savvy staff in simple, understandable terms. They've taken the time to build personal one-on-one relationships with us, making us feel comfortable working together to resolve any issue. This personalized approach is a refreshing change from other IT providers who simply assign tickets to whoever is available at the time, leaving you without a consistent point of contact.

Divergys is, without a doubt, the most responsive and comprehensive IT provider we've ever worked with. Their team consistently goes above and beyond to meet or even exceed our IT needs. They do so in a friendly, professional, and personal manner that makes us feel valued as clients. We couldn't be happier with our partnership with Divergys, and we highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-notch IT support.

Lance Efird Lance Efird CEO
Site Tech

I recommend Divergys to anyone who wants their systems to just work.

I chose Divergys 11 years ago to help me with my growing business. They have been there for anything I have needed over those past 11 years, including going from 3 employees to 25 employees. The personalized service is what keeps me with Divergys. I get a phone call back in short order and a solution to any problems in short order as well. Not to mention – my server and computers continually run smoothly. I recommend Divergys to anyone who inquires about an IT firm or Managed Services, there’s just no other comparable option out there in my opinion. Having them on the team has given me a real comfort level I never want to lose. I can trust that they have my data backed up and monitor us to keep us from having downtime.

Kim Spurlock Owner
Spurlock & Associates P.C.

They make sure every issue is completely resolved before ending a call.

Divergys provides us with great service and makes technology make sense, even to non-technical people. We have worked with Divergys for years and really rely on them to keep us up and running. We have little to no down time because of their fast and efficient solutions. We really appreciate all they do for us and would highly recommend their services.

Tricia Green President
Paragon Logistics

Divergys not only saved my software but also my mothers bank account.

I wish everyone had the opportunity to go through the Cybersecurity training that Divergys provides, that way my mother-in-law could have avoided nearly losing all the money in her checking account. I have a real appreciation for the training my staff has had the opportunity to receive. The training that our staff has had with Divergys, has reduced the incidents of breaches to zero.

Robert Zvanut Robert Zvanut Vice President
PMI Sales and Marketing

Divergys gives you one less thing to worry about.

Having recently experienced the services of Divergys, LLC, I am thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and expertise. Their team provided top-notch solutions tailored to our specific needs, consistently exceeding expectations. I highly recommend Divergys for anyone in need of IT services; they truly set the standard for excellence in their field.

Christopher M. Brown Christopher M. Brown Owner
Brown & Company PLLC

Divergys has patience and I would recommend them to anyone.

The staff at Divergys are always knowledgeable, polite and willing to help resolve issues whether it's hardware or software related. They have always responded rapidly to my request. They have taught me how to identify scams and Malware. Divergys has helped me untangle my own technical issues. I would highly recommend them, they are my go to team.

Andrew Richardson Andrew Richardson Consultant

Divergys is your first responder for IT.

I know that each need I have will be taken care of with the utmost integrity and care without wasting time.

Katy Weirich Katy Weirich Owner
K&S Sportswear

Divergys is your best choice for it managed services.

Up until April 2015, LSS Digital-Houston limped along with regards to IT support. Our eldest son was our IT specialist and he was very good at it. But then he married, changed employers, purchased a second home and became the father of twin girls. Gone were the hours that he could afford to spend on LSS Digital’s needs for support. We found Divergys, interviewed both owners more than once, checked references, requested their plans for our review, and finally concluded a satisfactory first 12 months agreement that we collectively believed would work for LSS Digital and Divergys. We renewed that agreement in April 2016! Divergys strives to bring quality on demand service to their clients. They are a fine group of professionals and they are a pleasure to know and work with and they have never disappointed us. We simply put our trust in their abilities and it all works so smoothly!

Ralph Dumoit Ralph Dumoit Vice President
LSS Digital

Divergys makes it possible to truly focus on building the business of your dreams!

Divergys has taken care of my network and computers for over 15 years, allowing me to focus my time on my business without having to be bothered about IT issues. When computer, software, network, or internet connectivity problems occur, which they do, the Divergys team is right on top of the issue and resolves problems quickly and professionally. The services they provide my business translate to one less distraction in my busy day to day schedule, and the peace of mind that results from that makes my life as a business owner easier. When our team needs help, the Divergys team is there for us one hundred percent. What more can one ask?

Susan Rapant Susan Rapant, MA, CRC, CDMS, CCM,CVE, ABVE/D Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant
Rapant-McElroy & Associates, LLC

Divergys puts family first and supports your business in more ways than one.

For many years Divergys took care of my mom and dad’s computer needs. When I came on board with our business in 2014, Divergys remained as my go to for all my IT needs.

We recently had to replace several computers and Divergys came in and made the transition easy and painless for us.

Oh, and by the way, they’re not just a vendor for us, they are also a customer, love that! Thanks, Divergys, for all you do.

Brittney Mittag Owner
K&S Sportswear

We have used Divergys for many years and they have taken great care of us.

Not that long ago we decided to go on a full contract and that was helpful in many ways. Employees actually have less down time and all equipment (desktop, printers, scanners, network, etc...) are in sync so it works together better. It freed me up to do my business duties rather than our internal IT issues that I would regularly handle and not nearly as well.

I am glad to have Divergys onboard to watch over and handle our IT needs so I can focus on business.

Kevin Sells Manager
Alpha Painting & Decorating Co., Inc.

Multi-factor authentication is necessary.

I used to be skeptical about multi-factor authentication (MFA). It seemed like an unnecessary hassle and a potential source of frustration. However, I soon came to understand that in today's digital landscape, MFA is not just a good practice; it's an essential measure to safeguard both individuals and companies from cyber threats. These days, nearly every online platform insists on some form of MFA, reflecting the increased need for security. While I may still have reservations about it, I recognize its importance and appreciate that Divergys helped us implement it for our protection.

Stan Leslie CEO
Lescon Plumbing

RCS saw the difference on day one.

RCS was reliant on an IT structure that did not sync well with our needs and having an IT Team onsite at our disposal was not cost effective.

I reached out to Divergys to learn about their Co-Managed IT solution and to see if it would be beneficial to use. After discussing the issues the company was having and hearing how Divergys could handle the situations, RCS chose to go with it. Going with Divergys Co-Managed IT, we were able to customize the service to our needs. Not only giving the company more protection from cyber security threats, but by also saving the company money over other solutions.

By going with the Co-Managed IT, it now allows me to handle the day to day tasks while Divergys takes care of network security to all sites and workstations. Divergys also implemented their remote monitoring and management solution and are able to alert me to issues that the users or I may not even be aware of.

On the very first day Divergys implemented their DNS Filtering solution, there was an employee that could not search for anything on the internet. Well, as it turns out, the employee’s browser had been hijacked by a rogue search engine. That rogue search engine had the potential to cause some serious issues but, because their security solution prevented the rogue search engine from providing bad search results, we were able to avoid what could have been a very costly problem and a very serious security incident.

Divergys also played a crucial role in educating our employees about cybersecurity best practices. Their training sessions were informative and engaging, empowering our employees to recognize and respond to potential threats.

After seeing the difference from day one and every day after, I wholeheartedly recommend Divergys Co-Managed IT to any company serious about safeguarding their data and operations while being tailored around the needs of the company.

Colt Anderson Safety Director
Refractory Construction Services

Divergys has been an outstanding partner for us over the past four years.

Their responsiveness to our issues is remarkable, and they consistently provide effective solutions, even when problems arise due to other vendors like Comcast Internet.

What sets Divergys apart is their exceptional knowledge, extensive experience, and professionalism. They have an impressive ability to troubleshoot and are always ready for on-site visits when needed. Throughout our partnership, they have never let us down. We've never considered turning to another provider, thanks to the top-notch service and support they consistently deliver.

Christy Serafini Christy Serafini Director of Operations
Wade Architectural Systems

Divergys is great! 

They are always quick to respond when a ticket is put in and every issue is handled with the same level of professional care.  When I need a 2nd set of eyes in troubleshooting something, I am always confident that I will get someone else who is confident and knowledgeable helping me out.

Thank you very much to the Divergys Team for all the help.   You guys are great!

Ruben Vela IT Leader
Boys & Girls Country